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HPHT synthetic large single crystal diamond stone


HPHT synthetic large single crystal diamond stone

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Spontaneous nucleation 3mm large single crystal growth: through research and development, to break the market monopoly situation (the world only a few elements of six companies have this growth technology), for the production of diamond turning tools for soft metal and plastic materials, mirror processing; Sliced polishing, for the CVD growth of high-quality semiconductor, optical, electrical diamond large particles of artificial diamond single crystal substrate.

product specification grade
Artificial diamond 2.2 mm Class A
Artificial diamond 2.4 mm Class A
Artificial diamond 2.6 mm Class A
Artificial diamond 2.8 mm Class A
Artificial diamond 2.2 mm Class B
Artificial diamond 2.4 mm Class B
Artificial diamond 2.6 mm Class B
Artificial diamond 2.8 mm Class B


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