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HPHT Diamond

HPHT (high temperature and high pressure) is a kind of high temperature and highpressure device similar to natural diamond growth. with?the condition of hightemperature...



CVD Diamond

CVD diamond is a kind of synthetic diamonds by chemical vapor deposition method, its growth principle :with the using?of high purity methane, auxiliary, hydrogen, nitrogen and...




DiamondDetect can be used to detect mounted or loose diamonds , as well as lab-grown diamonds (CVD and HPHT diamonds)................




Constantly in the process of operation and management to implement standardized management, strictly control product quality, adhere to the combination of quota...

Dr. Yuan Attending the 2015 GIC Annual Meeting
Dr. Joe C. C. Yuan has successfully participated the 2015 GIC Annual Meeting, the 1st Seminar of Hubei Jewellery Inheritance and Innovation Research Center in Wuhan, during Oct. 17-18,2015.
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Chairman Detail

Dr Zhi-zhong Yuan, born in 1951 in Tainan county, Taiwan native minzhu, Zhoukou, henan. Dr Sun yat-sen university, diamond, specializing in diamond...[MORE]

Company Profile

Taidiam Technology (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. Mainly Researching Projects: Diamond crystal growth, diamond semiconductor and Diamond Tools' research, development......[MORE]

People are doing the first element of the work, a multitude of work should be fundamentally grabbed, the combination of the cause of the success of the magic weapon...[MORE]


Company Culture

In the spirit of innovation at all times, seriously study, work diligently, and constantly break through, has become the industry leader. Concentric governance...[MORE]