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2015 GIC Annual Meeting:Inheritance and Innovation


2015 GIC Annual Meeting:Inheritance and Innovation

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2017/06/30 18:54
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2015 GIC Annual Meeting will be held during October 17-18 in Wuhan.  The Meeting has especially invited the vice president of Hubei Academy of Social Science Mr. Liu Yutang, chairman of Hubei Provincial Museum Mr. Fang Qin, Mr.  Wendy Yothers from FIT of State University of New York, Mr. Rebecca Skeels from University of Creative Arts in UK,three experts from Central Academy of Fine Arts, famous craft master Mr. Jin Yongcai,jade carving master Mr. Chen Yi,  Professor Zou Ningxin from Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, and Professor Shi Guanghai from China University of Geosciences and so on.  There will be several keynote speeches on the theme of Jade Culture, the Western innovative jewellery technology and craft in 21st century,  Chinese traditional Black Copper Running through with Silver,Jade Sculpture, Enamel, Pinning Flowers and jadeite deposit, and many elites of Jewellery will participate the Meeting.

Annual Meeting Content:

A、Research of Chinese Jade Culture

B、Comparison and Enlightenment of Eastern and Western Jewellery Design

C. Crisis and Chances of Jewellery Industry in new economic environment

D. Inheritance and Innovation of Western Region Jewellery Craftsmanship

E. Innovative Jewellery Detection and Identifying Technology

Dr. Joe C. C. Yuan, both chairman of Taidiam Technology and Krisdiam , will also participate the 2015 GIC Annual Meeting with a new product of the company to be disclosed.

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