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Launching the Diamond Identifying Instrument——DiamondDetectTM


Launching the Diamond Identifying Instrument——DiamondDetectTM

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2017/06/30 18:52
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The 1st Diamond Identifying Instrument of China coming into birth

After several times’debugs, Taidiam Technologys brother company~Krisdiam has finally launched its 1st generation Diamond Identifying Instrument~DiamondDetectTM on Sep., 10th, 2015. It is the first Diamond Identifying Instrument in China, and will give great convenience for many diamond research institutes.

The idea of inventing the DiamondDetectTM comes out from Dr.  Joe C. C. Yuan,  Chairman of both Taidiam Technology and Krisdiam. Considering that nowadays natural diamonds are becoming increasingly scarce, and many imitated diamonds are mixed together with natural ones,  flowing into the markets and cheating lots of general consumers who have no or little knowledge of diamonds. What is worse, this constitutes a pretty unethical phenomenon in the eyes of many experts of Jewellery Industry like Dr. Yuan, thus Dr.  Yuan gradually generates the idea of inventing an instrument that can help to distinguish natural diamonds from imitated ones and establish a good environment for the industry.

After almost a years research and development, Dr. Yuan finally makes it.  The technology of the DiamondDetectTM is centered on Dr. Joe C. C. Yuan and Professor Yuan Xinqiang, the president of Gemmological Institute of China University of Geosciences, also the famous gemmological instrument experts.

What’s the DiamondDetectTM looks like

The instrument is installed in a portable silvery box about 360mm*250mm*180*mm,  in a weight of 8kg, and rather convenient to carry from here to there.

The instrument has three main parts, respectively the Identifying Result Screen, Identifying Zone, and Polariscope Zone.

The Identifying Result Screen is made up of a tablet PC with Win10 OS,  and is hided and protected with an egg~tray~shaped silver~gray sponge. The identifying results of both the loose stones and mounted stones can be read on the screen.

In the Identifying Zone, there are two on~off keys: one is for power,  and the other is for the light of identifying loose stones. There is a small optical platform for loose stones , also an optical fibre as long as 470mm with a probe on the tip for identifying the mounted stones. Besides,  there is a calibration cap for adjusting the instrument identifying software at the beginning of each identifying.

The Polariscope Zone is for the further check of CVD and HPHT synthetic diamonds with an alternative 20X and 40X polariscope through observing the textural features resulted from stress of the diamonds.

Advantages of DiamondDetectTM

Being the 1st Diamond Identifying Instrument in China,DiamondDetectTM turns out to be the 4th one all over the world after HRD, GIA, and De Beers’.

Dr. Yuan has once concluded the functions of the four Instruments and made a comparison as the bellow table:

Function Comparison

Launching the Diamond Identifying Instrument——DiamondDetectTM

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