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Dr. Yuan Attending the 2015 GIC Annual Meeting


Dr. Yuan Attending the 2015 GIC Annual Meeting

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2017/06/30 18:56
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Dr. Joe C. C. Yuan has successfully participated the 2015 GIC Annual Meeting, the 1st Seminar of Hubei Jewellery Inheritance and Innovation Research Center in Wuhan, during Oct. 17-18,2015.

During the meeting,Dr. Yuan has delivered a speech named “Identification of Natural and Synthetic Diamond”,  specifically introducing the classification of diamonds,  and the practical way to identify natural and synthetic diamonds in the environment that more and more synthetic diamonds are emerging into the diamonds markets mixed with natural diamonds,and have greatly disturbed the industrial order.

So it’s high time to save the diamond markets from a mass.

This journey is mainly for the DiamondDectTM Diamond Identifying Instrument, which has entered its period of mass production ,and successfully accepted its first order on the meeting.

For more information about the DiamondDectTM, please go straight forward to our Download Zone for the User Handbook and Standard for the Instrument.

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