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ADD: 1-2 Floors, 9th Biulding, Henan Zhengzhou Export Processing Zone


The Concept

The Concept

The Concept

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Taidiam Technology (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in July 21, 2009 by Ph.Dr. Joe C.C. Yuan and Dr. Song Jianmin, with a registered capital of 10 million Yuan. Currently the company has 20 employees, more than 10 of them have got the Bachelor degree.

Mainly Researching Projects: Diamond crystal growth, diamond semiconductor and Diamond Tools' research, development, manufacture, some projects have been leading the world 3-10 years, which will be a revolutionary innovation in the thermal, optical, electrical, semiconductor, diamond tool industry, and will greatly enhance the role of the level of related industries in the world.

The company has founded the "Diamond Technology Centre" DTC, mainly for researching the applications of the diamonds, in order to make the diamonds' unparalleled advantage to be fully reflected in the electronics industry and other industrial fields to drive human's progress in the field of diamond.