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ADD: 1-2 Floors, 9th Biulding, Henan Zhengzhou Export Processing Zone


Chairman's Introduction

Chairman's Introduction

Chairman's Introduction

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Brief Instruction of Joe C.C. Yuan Ph.D.

My name is Joe C.C. Yuan,Male, bornonDecember 22, 1951inTainan County, TaiwanProvince. My ancestral homeis Henan TaikangCounty, and to be a U.S. citizen in1996. I am doctor graduated from SunYat-SenUniversity, specializing in diamonds’ processing, teaching, identification,researchmorethan thirty-five years.Now we have established diamond manufactured factories and identification centers inNew York, Taiwan, andmainland city Zhengzhou in China.Currentlywe are engaged inthejewelrydiamond processing, single crystaldiamondgrowthofhigh-temperature and high-pressurechemical vapordeposition (CVD)growthofsingle crystal diamond, diamondtools, diamondLED,and graphene’s research and production.

• Dr. Yuan is the member of theWorld Jewelleryacademiahighestlevelinternationalgemologicalconference(IGC), one of the onlytwoChinese members.

• Obtaindiamonddesign patents: China, the U.S., South Africa, India, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, the European Union,Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, atotalofmore than 30 items.

• ThenewlyinventedrevolutionaryDiamondturnerpattern: Eight Hearts &EightButterflies"," Ten Hearts &TenButterflies "," Four Hearts, Four Arrows& Four Butterflies. "

• Special Report:publish dozens of special report in Chinese and English in themainland of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, theUnitedStates, Switzerland, Russia and Australia.

• Writings: Diamond Researching, publishedin New York 1999.